We clean over 4,000 properties
EVERY week

No upfront payment
for a regular service

Cleaners cost
£8 per hour

Agency Fees South Herts


Homeclean is a domestic cleaning agency in South Herts. We pride ourselves on providing a personalised quality cleaning service for each individual client. Every cleaner that we recommend is personally interviewed and references checked by telephone, copies of their written references are available on request.


Homeclean also offers ironing services at no extra charge. All of our cleaners are able to do ironing on request, in addition to or in place of their normal duties.

Homeclean South Herts Ironing Services

Our cleaners charge themselves out at a rate of £8 per hour which is payable direct to them. The cleaners will be happy to perform ironing services at the same rate of pay. Homeclean charges a yearly maintenance fee of £189 + VAT for the first year's cleaning service and £95 + VAT for subsequent years.

Should you need a shorter period of time then our short-term fee structure is as follows:

One off £20 plus VAT
1 month £59 plus VAT
2 months £69 plus VAT
3 months £79 plus VAT
6 months £109 plus VAT
yearly £189 plus VAT reduces to £95 plus VAT in 2nd year

Our fee only becomes payable once a cleaner from our company has commenced work with you. You are therefore free to interview as many people from our cleaning company as you like without any obligation.

Our Guarantee of Service

The service guarantees each household cleaning coverage for the agreed period, which means that if your cleaner supplied by Homeclean falls ill, goes on holiday or you are simply not satisfied with her level of domestic cleaning, then we will replace the cleaner free of charge and as often as you require.

Once you have made an enquiry we will then send you our Homeclean cleaning checklist. This information sheet should be used by yourselves to inform your cleaner, where necessary, the work that needs to be carried out on any particular day. It should also be used by the cleaner to inform you of the work that they carried out during their time at your property.