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Top Tips with fresh lemons and juice:

Top Tips with fresh lemons and juice:

The acidic nature of lemons make the juice useful as a mild bleach, disinfectant and cleaning agent. Efficiency and strength are enhanced when used with Baking Soda.

To remove stains from Marble, sprinkle salt on a fresh cut lemon. Rub very lightly over stain. Do not rub hard or you will ruin the polished surface. Wash off with soap and water.

Lemon juice and newspaper to clean shower doors.

Clean glass table tops by rubbing with a little lemon juice, dry with paper towels and polish with newspaper for a sparkling table.

Salt on a lemon will remove tough grime from inside the washing machine.

Squeeze juice into a bowl of water or use a piece of cut lemon and place into a refrigerator to eliminate odours.

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